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Are you using data to from your Google Adwords pay per click campaign to full effect?


Pay per click (PPC) is a highly effective marketing tool but many organisations get it wrong. Wasted spend on PPC is huge largely because companies bid on the wrong terms and fail to synchronize their paid and natural search campaigns.

The immediacy of Google Adwords can be a gripping pursuit, but the keyboard data it reveals can be used to your advantage in the long term.

Using Adwords to improve SEO performance.

Focusing on your clickthrough and conversions is essential to success in the realm of sponsored advertising, but if you’re not using Adwords to glean popular keyword impressions – which could bolster your natural search coverage or even stimulate traditional marketing activities you may be missing an available opportunity.

So what can you do to ensure that these search engine marketing techniques work alongside each other to maximize return on your digital advertising spend?

First and foremost, careful preparation of a paid search account is at the heart of a very successful combined natural and PPC search campaign.


While it is very tempting to rush and get your PPC account live, but with a researched approach releasing the campaign only when complete, will ensure your Adwords campaign will have greater success.

Keyword Research

Paid search campaigns should be built around popular industry keywords but also use the terms that are successfully finding your site through natural search. Building content around the keyword data in your analytics package will also help you increase website traffic to your site.

SEO Landing Pages

Ensure that all landing pages are just as SEO friendly as your homepage. A well-optimised landing page will help you to get better search positions in natural and paid listings. If you need to use isolated landing pages away from the rest of your site and make sure there are well crafted in order to increase your Google Adwords quality score.

A well-optimised landing page should also match the Adwords ad copy so if you are advertising “Blue Widgets” then your landing page should be about “Blue Widgets”. Having a well-optimised landing page will ensure a better quality score which should also lead to cheaper clicks.


Users arriving from paid search listings should be sent straight to the relevant landing page. Information on landing pages should be clear and concise and a user should always know what the next step is. This is the key to a successful sales conversion. If users are unable to find what they are looking for they will give a fast!



To stay ahead of the game in natural and paid search it’s vital that you study traffic and user data. Creating new landing pages, adding keywords and advertisements to your paid campaigns and shortening user journeys move you in the right direction.

Knowing which search terms really work for you is the key to search engine optimisation success. Even if you’re only interested in improving your natural search visibility it is worth running an Adwords campaign as a data-mining exercise for a few weeks, whatever your budget.  To take it further you could drill deeper and cross-reference more niche terms applicable to your business using the Google keyword suggestion tool and other tools available, to gauge advertising competition and general search volume.

Choose your keywords carefully. Vanity or trophy key phrases can prove costly, but if you’re feeling daring experiment by upping your budget for a few days and monitoring the results.



Testing and iteration are the prime ingredients of Adwords success. For most websites is vital to find a balance of more niche terms and integrate them carefully into the relevant pages of your site.

However, you prize this information, avoid stuffing keywords arbitrarily into your text and title tags just because you believe they are the most popular search terms. Use data judiciously and engage a seasoned SEO copywriter to ensure that the keywords you believe in all actually work.


Testing and iteration are the prime ingredients of Adwords success

Testing and iteration are the prime ingredients of Adwords success



Always remember that true success in Google Adwords isn’t going to come from how much you spend, but how well you spend it. So, whether you’re deciding to sign with a Google Adwords agency or not, make sure you take the time to consider the needs of your business.

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