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We're an experienced Magento agency able to support you with Magento SEO and website management.

Magento is the world’s leading e-commerce platform. If you sell products online using Magento, you’ll want an experienced Magento agency to help you grow and promote your site.

Flarecom specialises in ecommerce marketing and our team has extensive experience with Magento. Whether you’re looking for Magento SEO or paid advertising support for your Magento site, we can help. 

Magento SEO

Magento has been developed over time to incorporate a wide range of search-friendly elements, including automatic canonicalisation of product variables and dynamically generated sitemaps.

One of the main benefits of employing an experienced Magento SEO agency to help build your website’s online visibility is that we understand the available functionality of the platform. We’re well placed to audit your website from a technical perspective and to easily prescribe Magento’s own fixes to a range of common e-commerce problems.

Magento SEO Specialists

with proven success

We love the opportunities provided by large websites with hundreds or thousands of products.

Get the SEO right on Magento and you can

  • have success with thousands of products
  • can see big improvements in sales and revenue
  • get a huge return on investment from SEO spend.

 The type of SEO work we do focuses on several key areas:

  • Technical – this is how the server and the store are set-up to keep the search engines happy.
    We’ll be checking the key things like easy error-free crawling, use of canonical links, SEO friendly URLs, structured data and ensuring correctly formatted sitemaps.
  • Products and Categories – these are hugely important and with Magento we often see thousands of products and categories that need optimising. Get it wrong and you have huge issues – but get it right and you have thousands of really positive factors for SEO. We look particularly at product copy as this can really impact SEO and also conversion potential of the site.
  • Creative Content – Great content can really support a Magento site’s SEO from both onsite and offsite sources. Content that is useful, relevant and well-timed can also be key to winning that extra sale.

Fully Managed Magento SEO services

Our fully managed SEO services for Magento take care of all your SEO needs freeing you to focus on other key business areas.

Our dedicated team keeps you fully informed about your SEO progress and gives you the exact level of editorial control you want. 

The range of Magento SEO tasks that we carry out is varied:

  • Duplicate Content checks – this is amongst the common SEO issues due to Magento’s structure and management of product categories. This creates a painful problem for many Magento eCommerce sites, even though it is simple to overcome.
  • Magento Site Structure – improving the structure and architecture of your Magento store is critical to prioritise the pages you want to rank on Google and on other Search Engines.
  • Magento Robots.txt – we will audit and improve the Magento robots.txt file to manage which pages and clean up the data you present to search engines.
  • Magento Site Map – this is a relatively simple inclusion, but is often missing or messed up in SEO Magento. But our experts ensure that the site map is optimised for SEO Magento.
  • Magento Pagination – a common SEO Magento issue that results in duplicate page titles and causing page ranking confusion to search engines.
  • Broken link checks – internal and external link checks are completed regularly. This maintains site quality and the user experience when navigating through the Magento store.
  • Webmaster Tools – we will review and optimise your Webmaster Tools configuration for you.

Magento SEO Successes

As an experienced SEO Magento agency, our Magento SEO tips have significantly increased organic website traffic and sales for a number of Australian Magento eCommerce stores. 

To find out more about our Magento SEO services tell us more about your needs below.