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Our Ideal Client

We help our clients understand that they don’t actually sell goods and services but they sell solutions to problems.

We work with clients who are looking to increase the online visibility of their small to medium-sized business website.

Our business is to solve their online marketing problems, to provide solutions and to help our clients to concentrate on what they do best… focus on running their business.

Our goal is to create online marketing solutions and to help your business succeed. We understand the value of time as well as the fact that you – our client- invest a lot of efforts into building your business.

Depending on what kind of marketing or project you are looking for, you realise that in order to succeed you have to invest a little in this venture.

If you are looking to do this by taking unethical shortcuts, then we may not the right marketing partner for you. If you understand the importance of a professional presence and value high standards of honesty and integrity, we would love to help you succeed.

Together we can explore and design the right online strategy that will make you and your business look professional and great!

Our clients are usually small and medium-sized businesses and range from small manufacturing companies, online retailers, start-ups, doctors and medical offices, professional services firms (lawyers or accountants), to tradies and service and repair companies.

They have from two to 100 employees.

They have annual sales in the range of $250,000 to $25,000,000.

They are within a 40 mile radius of our offices on in Sydney. (Although we do have clients Australia-wide.)

Ideal clients understand the importance of a good web presence in their business, and consider a decent website an investment, not an expense.

Ideal clients pay their bills on time.

An ideal client will be someone who sends us referrals without asking.

Our ideal clients understand the money value of time (no, that is not a typo!) – and that it is always more cost effective to pay professionals to manage their online marketing than to try to do it themselves, or have their cousin’s brother’s high-school-aged nephew fix their website.

Our ideal clients are positive, can-do business owners and managers who are passionate about their businesses.

Ideal clients take our advice.

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